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Produce your own valuable lumber for a fraction of the cost for all your wood working projects.

Specialty woods for carvers, shapers and turners.

Air drying of your freshly cut lumber

We will saw any log to your specifications.  Live edge slabs, quarter sawn, rift sawn, and plain sawn boards.

Our saw mill uses thin kerf bandsaw blades for a consistently high yield.

Minimum log dimensions are 1 foot diameter by 4 feet long.

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Promoting Sustainable Resource Management

We embrace the goal of using trees to their fullest potential.  Every day in Hawaii, trees are felled because of old age, disease, or development.  Many of these trees end up in the landfill.  Thousands of useable board feet of beautiful tropical hardwood gets thrown away.   Trees give many benefits to our community while living, and the value of a tree after it dies is just as important.  The lumber from these trees can be harvested and used for high quality products.  Instead of being hauled away to the landfill, each tree can live on as something new.

There are also ecological benefits.  Trees process carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and through photosynthesis return oxygen to the atmosphere and store carbon in the biomass of the tree, a process known as carbon sequestration.   After a tree comes down, carbon is returned to the atmosphere as the tree decays or burns.  The portion of the tree that is preserved and milled into lumber and dried, retains the carbon within the lumber indefinitely.  

Join us.

If you have a tree being removed and don't have use for the lumber, consider the benefits to the environment and donate the log.  Your tree service may charge you less if they don't have to dispose of the tree.

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